christian tartarini



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Born in Liège, Belgium, Christian Tartarini started studying Architecture in 1989
and graduated in 1995, after which architecture has become for him a realm of
discovery. Shunning the superfluous, he seeks to invent details and use textu-
res to produce the contrasts and dialogues that bring his spaces to life.
Respect for the environment and essential human values give the tone of
authenticity to his creations. Seeking sensations, he offers the actors in his
settings the chance to breathe and permission to touch and to move around
volumes covered in light, air and freedom.

In 2006, after eleven years of working as an architect and travelling in Asia
and other parts of the world, Christian settled in Barcelona. It is now time to
open up a new stage in his project of highlighting the most essential values
of man and his environs. In doing so, he is exploring the world of painting and,
in this direct, simple and personal way, endows the materials of his creations
with new life, offering them forms, bringing them into relief, giving them textures,
tensions, folds and movement. At times with bark, at times with skin or fossils,
his textures can also turn into an urban map with which he offers us a repre-
sentation of the epidermis of the city.

There are times when his works surprisingly seem to be sculpting time.
One sees an apparently serene world yet, depending on the light and one’s
own movements it keeps transforming. Skins, barks, textures or simple illusions,
through the duality of what is abstract and what is real, leave one disturbed by
their natural, spontaneous and direct mimesis.

On other occasions, imbued with a certain romantic tendency, his works hold
out an acerbic criticism of the contemporary world in which nature mysteriously
reclaims its rights. Christian asks us to reflect on the illusion of things,
the legibility of what is real and on the neglect of life’s essential values.